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Dr. Robert Armstrong

Providing Gentle Dentistry for the Entire Family

A big smile. That's what you'll see when you walk into our office. And that's what you'll have when leave. We feel it's important to treat each patient as part of our own family and we make the extra effort to ensure you feel comfortable and confidant every time you visit us. Starting with Stephanie's genuine "hello" from the reception desk, to the toys and games in the waiting area, friendly conversation with your hygienist, and finally to the quick wit and dry humor of Dr. Armstrong, you'll come away from your appointment feeling like you just had a nice visit with family and friends.

Treating the young

We understand the fears of children and the anxiety of their parents when visiting the dentist. Every effort is made to put the little people at ease and extra time and attention is given to make sure they have the best possible experience. Good oral hygiene and dental practices early on can make a lifetime difference in a child's overall health, so start your children out right in this warm and nurturing environment. Between 2½ and 3 years old is the ideal age to start with gentle cleanings and dental checkups.

Treating the young at heart

The same tender manner you'll see used with children extends to teens, adults, and seniors as well. Your entire family will be treated with respect. We cater to the needs of the individual, not to the needs of an office schedule. A little extra time if you need it, a full consultation and explanation of your oral health, a realistic plan of treatment for those more complicated procedures, helpful payment options—a level of TLC you won't find anywhere else.

A gentle approach

We make every effort to keep you as comfortable as possible during dental procedures. Through continuing education, years of experience, the use of reliable modern techniques, and personal commitment, you'll find most dental work is pain free. Nitrous oxide is available as well as other aids to ease any nervousness. And, special care is taken to keep any anxiety causing equipment out of the line of sight of children—most never even know they had a "scary" procedure.


Dr. Armstrong and his staff believe it's important to maintain affiliation with industry organizations. These organizations establish, enhance, and uphold standards of service and qualifications for those who practice in the field of dentistry and associated specialties. Through membership in these groups, you can be assured Dr. Armstrong is committed to ethics, science, and professional enhancement in dentistry.

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